Identifying Research Methodologies

Identifying Research MethodologiesAfter readingeach of thefour peer-reviewed articles you selected, use theMatrix Worksheet template to analyze the methodologiesapplied ineach of the four peer-reviewed articles.Your analysisshould includethe following:1. The full citation of each peer-reviewed article in APA format.2. A brief (1-paragraph) statementexplaining why you chosethis peer-reviewed article and/orhow it relatesto your clinical issue of interest, including abrief explanation of the ethics of researchrelated to your clinical issue of interest.3. A brief (1-2 paragraph) description of theaims of the research of each peer-reviewed article.4. A brief (1-2 paragraph) description of theresearch methodologyused.Be sure to identify if the methodology used was qualitative, quantitative, or a mixed-methods approach. Be specific.5. A brief (1- to 2-paragraph) description of thestrengths of each of the research methodologies used, including reliability and validity of how the methodology was applied in each of the peer-reviewed articles you selected.

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