Social Science Week 1 Discussion Answers book on

Part 1: Give your response or opinion -must be 7-10 sentence

I have experienced positve, negative, and situational planning in my life as a child and teen. I remember that as a child I would not eat my vegetables because they tasted funny. So my parents eventually said, well you either eat your vegetables or you will not receive desert, free time, or something I valued like video games. Negative reinforcement. I decided not to eat them then I learned the consequences of not eating my vegetables. I received no reward. I ate them ever and began to really like them because not only would I get to eat well but I would get to play video games and enjoy my free time. It definitely works in my opinion because it conditions the child to have the functional skills to foster independence and success. 

Part 2: Give your response or opinion -must be 7-10 sentence

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My experiences with positive reinforcement, negative re-enforcement as well as situational planning  stem from my experience in the mental health field as a QBA.

I have a client who is developmentally handicapped. I tell him that if he cleans his room we can go to the park and ride around my car with the music playing. If the client doesn’t want to clean as soon as I arrive,the negative re-enforcement is me reminding him he will have less time to enjoy himself being out of the house with me. Client seems to get right up and start telling me how much he wants to go to the park as soon as I arrive, on a good mood day, he does so while getting the vacuum and beginning to prepare for cleaning. While cleaning the situational planning is taught because he knows the time i come over and I call him before arriving. Me helping him clean provides a shared experience that we can look back on and discuss. This builds a type of comradely based around a shared behavior and provides an opportunity for positive reinforcement terms such as ”good job” and ”wow you really helped me to…”. 

His behavior is modified only because I am consistent and provide positive feed back as well as follow through. My client’s ability may seem extremely limited, however, he is able to associate good behavior like basic living skills with pleasure and enjoyment. 

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