Need SPSS EXPERT For PSY Project Data Assignment help

SPSS Data Set Attached below…please follow instructions closely…SPSS EXPERTS ONLY!


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Describe the variables from the dataset you selected in Module One. Next, using SPSS, run the “Explore” function on a factor with a dependent variable.

Here is how to conceptualize and structure the paper:

  1. Introduction: a paragraph that describes the topic, the issue, and the variables of your chosen dataset. Indicate the dependent variable (DV) and the independent variables (IV).
  2. Shape: at least a paragraph that explains the meaning of the means and standard deviation you discovered after running an SPSS “Explore” function on the data (watch this video if you need help with the Explore function). Include one image from SPSS.
  3. Interpretation: at least a paragraph that identifies the key findings of the research and, in your own words, discusses the meaning of these results with regard to the research goals to address its stated issue.

Provide the SPSS data file as an attachment with your submission.

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