What is an ideology? Which ideologies have had the most impact on the modern world?, assignment help

A prevailing theme in modern world history pertains to the rise of ideologies.  What is an ideology?  Which ideologies have had the most impact on the modern world?  How are we to account for the spread and influence of ideologies during the twentieth century? 

Essays should be contain an introduction, supporting paragraphs which discuss multiple ideologies (at least four or five phragraphes) and a conclusion

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Just for the introduction : time , space and theme

·  Define ideology in a thoughtful way that you can both work within and through

·  Describe the relevant context of your essay : when (time) and where (space)

·  List the 4 or 5 impactful ideologies that you will be describing.

Body paragraphs :

1/ Fascism

2/ Communism vs Capitalism

3/ Environmentalism

4/ Consumerism

We can make connection, for example Communism and Capitalism

Number of pages : 2,5 / 3 with references 

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