P.A.T.C.H. Assessment Scale v.3

Pretest for Attitudes Toward Computers in Healthcare

© June Kaminski 1996 – 2012

Each indicator is to be rated using a five point Likert scale.

Choose the response that best reflects your attitude for each statement.


  1. Agree Strongly   2. Agree   3. Not certain   4. Disagree   5. Disagree Strongly

1. The computer is a powerful enabling tool.

2. In healthcare, computers could save a lot of paperwork.

3. Machines and I don’t mix.

4. I feel I am a skilled typist.

5. I feel alarmed when I think of using a computer.

6. I have excellent finger dexterity.

7. I regularly use a computer at home.

8. I would love to be a proficient user of computers.

9. Bedside computers will irritate patients.

10. I will never feel relaxed about using a computer.

11. Computers can help me to be creative.

12. I would enjoy learning course work using a computer program.

13. Computers are frustrating to use.

14. Listening to people using computer jargon intimidates me.

15. Computers will someday put health professionals out of a job.

16. I am in control when I use a computer.

17. I relate well to technology and machines.

18. I feel confident that I can master using a computer.

19. I can let my creativity flow when writing using a computer.

20. Computers in healthcare will create more work for nurses.

21. Computers can be great problem-solving tools.

22. Computers are too complicated for me to learn well.

23. Computers are impersonal and dehumanizing.

24. The future promise of computers in healthcare excites me.

25. I feel restless and confused when I think of using a computer.

26. I don’t intend to own a home computer.

27. I feel a computer course in nursing is totally unnecessary.

28. People who like computers are introverted and antisocial.

29. I know more about computers than most faculty or administrators do.

30. Working with computers is boring and tedious.

31. I can easily master the content of a computer lesson.

32. I feel ambivalent about computers and technology.

33. Computers are everywhere, it is natural for them to used in healthcare.

34. I like to use the Internet to research health and nursing information.

35. It takes longer to chart on the computer than on paper.

36. I enjoy using technology to communicate with colleagues (email, etc.)

37. Computers help me to keep up to date with nursing issues, knowledge, research.

38. Computers are just another object that takes me away from my patients.

39. I resent the thought of having to use computers in my nursing practice.

40. Using technology in practice interferes with my ability to be caring to my patients.

41. Patients should not look for health and illness information on the Internet.

42. Social media tools enrich health care professional communication and collaboration.

43. I use health care apps on my cellphone or SMART phone.

44. Nursing related online groups, forums, and email discussion lists are a waste of time.

45. Electronic charting restricts how nurses record patient care.

46. Personalized Electronic Health Records streamline access to information and interdisciplinary communication about patients.

47.  Online support groups are a waste of time and have no value for patients.

48. Computers are great tools for patient education.

49. Hand written charting is much more complete than electronic documentation.

50. Nurses should be involved in the planning of national Electronic Health Records.

P.A.T.C.H. Assessment Scale Version 3  Scoring Tool

Record your final score for each of the statements as outlined below, then add your final scores for both columns for your final score out of 100. Then refer to the interpretations.

  A. Rating Chosen   A. Score   B. Rating Chosen   B. Score
  1 2 3 4 5   2 1.5 1 0.5 0   1 2 3 4 5   0 0.5 1 1.5 2
1   3  
2   5  
4   9  
6   10  
7   13  
8   14  
11   15  
12   20  
16   22  
17   23  
18   25  
19   26  
21   27  
24   28  
29   30  
31   32  
33   35  
34   38  
36   39  
37   40  
42   41  
43   44  
46   45  
48   47  
50   49  
TOTAL A: TOTAL B: FINAL= A         + B             =            

P.A.T.C.H. Assessment Scale v 3

Score Interpretations

Find the Range that contains the Score You Achieved on the P.A.T.C.H. Scale

© June Kaminski 1996 – 2012

  0 to 17 points   Positive indication of Cyberphobia. Beginner stage in experience with computer basics or applications. Ambivalence or anxiety may occur, related to the use of computers in healthcare. May appreciate help learning basic computer skills.
18 to 34 points Indicates some uneasiness about using computers. Very basic knowledge of computer basics and applications. Unsure of usefulness of computers in healthcare.
  35 to 52 points   Moderate comfort in using computers. Has basic knowledge of computers and applications. Limited awareness of applications of computer technology in healthcare.
53 to 69 points Feels comfortable using user-friendly computer applications. Aware of the usefulness of computers in a variety of settings. Has a realistic view of current computer capabilities in healthcare.
  70 ti 86 points   Confident of ability to use a variety of computer programs. Sees computers as beneficial in the development of society. Enthusiastic view of the potential of computer use in healthcare.
87 to 100 points Very confident that they can learn to use a computer to boost creativity, and perform routine functions. Recognizes the unique value of using information technology in society. Idealistic, positive view related to computer applications in healthcare.

Nursing Informatics Competencies Self Assessment and Plan of Action

Each nurse and student has a unique level of computer literacy in the various computer applications available.

1. Take a few minutes now to assess your level of computer literacy.

2. Then, type out a plan of action to help develop your desired level of computer literacy in the following applications. You do not need to include all of these – focus on the ones that interest YOU.

Rating Scale:

A. No experience, Novice

B. Some experience, Advanced Beginner

C. Comfortable user, Competent

D. Skilled User, Proficient

Word Processing    
Graphic Programs    
Power Point Presentations    
Educational Software    
Desktop Publishing    
World Wide Web    
Discussion Mailing Lists    
Social Media Applications    
Chat Rooms, Forums    
Decision Support Systems    
Nursing Information Systems    
Hospital Information Systems    
Community Information Systems    
Electronic Health Records    
Electronic Medication System    
E-health Systems    
Tele-health Systems    
Web site Design    
Multimedia Design    
Flash Animation    
Research Software    
Electronic Portfolios    
Virtual Reality, Simulation    
Internet Radio/Video/TV    
PDA, Smart Phones    
Digital Camera and Photo Manipulation    
Educational Games    
Artificial Intelligence    


In the space below, write out five goals for yourself, related to learning Nursing Informatics theory and application. Try to make these fairly short-term, i.e. within the next five years.


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