Personality Disorder

Personality Disorder:Written assignments should fully and concisely answer the topic of discussion. Each written assignment should be at least 2 pages but no more than 3 double-spaced pages (12 point font, Times New Roman font, 1” margins). Going over the 3 page limit will result in a deduction in your grade.Discussion Topic:  Narcissistic Personality disorders are “enduring patterns of experience and behavior that differ greatly from the norm and the expectations of the individual’s social group (Larsen & Buss, 2014).”  Narcissistic personality disorders contained in the DSM-IV.Please write about “Devil Wears Prada” this film includes a narcissistic personality character “Miranda Priesly”. Please provide examples of that character’s behavior that meets the major features of the disorder.Grading: Points will be credited as follows:                                                                                                                     40 – content (full and concise answer to the topic of discussion)                                                                                     10 – grammar and length

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