Psychology 2 paged double spaced essay: Life Stress & Health

Go to this site( (Links to an external site.)to complete the SRRS scale and determine the total number of LCUs you have experienced over the last year.Once you have completed the stress test, you will receive a score and some suggestions that you can use to mediate your stress level.  Please use your critical thinking skills to analyze the findings of your stress test.  Discuss your impressions of the accuracy of the stress test, given your personal life situation.  Now give several solutions from the rest of the chapter for mediating your stress levels. Your response should be two full typed (double-spaced) pages. Your assignment will go through Turnitin, and must be uploaded as a .doc or.docx file.”The Holmes and Rahe Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS) uses the correlational research method to identify the connection between stress and health. That is, respondents’ LCU scores are correlated with the number or frequency of self-reported symptoms indicating health problems. These correlations are typically positive—as LCU scores increase, the number of symptoms increases. Consider all the thousands of studies that have used this scale to correlate stress and illness symptoms

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