Please take a 10 question multiple choice quiz on Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

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1) What form did the gods and goddesses of the Ancient Egyptians typically take?
A) Pyramids
B) Plants
C) Humans
D) Animals
E) Fire and wind

2) Who was considered the most important and powerful god?

A) Thoth
B) Horus
C) Ra
D) Isis
E) Osiris

3) What was Osiris the god of?

A) The underworld and the dead
B) The sky and the wind
C) Knowledge and wisdom
D) The moon and the stars
E) Protection from harm

4) Why was it important that the body be preserved after death?

A) To keep a record of the people who had lived in Egypt
B) So the body would scare off grave robbers from getting the treasure
C) So the ba and ka could unite in the afterlife
D) To help the people left behind to remember their relatives
E) It was not very important

5) Pharaoh was considered to be the living version of which god?

A) Osiris
B) Horus
C) Ra
D) Isis
E) Amun

6) Thoth was the god of what aspects of the Egyptian life?

A) Death and the afterlife
B) Agriculture, wine, and crops
C) Art, dancing, and commerce
D) Writing, medicine, and mathematics
E) Fighting and war

7) What type of headdress was the goddess Isis usually drawn with?

A) Hawk
B) Sun
C) Bird
D) Feathers
E) Throne

8) True or False: Unlike the Romans and the Greeks, the Ancient Egyptians did not build many temples or other buildings to honor their gods.


9) What god was sometimes combined with Ra to make an even more powerful god?

A) Thoth
B) Horus
C) Ra
D) Isis
E) Amun

10) What two gods were married and the parents of the god Horus?

A) Isis and Osiris
B) Thoth and Ra
C) Amun and Ra
D) Osiris and Thoth
E) Isis and Thoth

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