Your thoughts on why the US should address poverty issues and how, week 2 analysis help

dear writer please read the instructions below to do this assignment:

After taking the questionnaire, reviewing the answers, watching the video and reading through all assigned materials write a two-to- three page (APA style) essay on the history of poverty prevention and amelioration in the US.

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In your conclusion include:

  1. Your thoughts on why the US should address poverty issues and how;
  2. How you see your role in this effort?

Note this week’s Analyis is worth 80 points. This will be the only analysis worth this total point value. Others will be worth 40 points

Dear writer here are the link for the videos and articles you need to read them before writting the paper:…

Dear writer i also upload another article it is in PDF form please download it and read it.

Please also upload the analysis rubric and use it while written the paper respect what it ask it helps you to write a very good paper .

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