Research Paper Psy

HelloI need help with my Research Paper for my Biology PsyHere is the informations:APA formatting6 pages – plus cover and references pagesa cover pagea references page with five to eight referencesno personal opinions – use a minimum of one citation per paragraph in your discussion.The written portion of the project must include the following section headers (do not add extras)Introduction (1 paragraph)Discussion – based on referenced material (5 pages total)o Background (1 page)o Subtheme 1- (2 pages – create an appropriate header name)o Subtheme 2- (2 pages – create an appropriate header name)Relevant Chapters – chapters from your text that are relevant to your topic (1 paragraph)Summary (1 paragraph)Grading is based on the following:1. APA formatting style2. Discussion is original written work based on referenced material with citations in each paragraph3. Project has required sections with headings4. Following directions on handout5. Content of required sectionsI’m posting the 5 articles that have to be based on. The topic of the research you can choose, the best one to write about.Thanks

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