Wk 3, HCS 457: DR 1

Substansive respone. Further discussion. End response with question.APA format175*265 wordsCite 2 referencesRespond to the following:Rayvin Scott8:49 PMHi everyone,Lifestyles, Socio economic status, and community resources play a huge role in the public health system. Going back to the purpose of public health which is to educate and keep the community in a healthy balance state it is important to realize that living the lifestyles a persons social economic status and the lack of community resources can negatively impact the goal of a positive public health system. For example being born and raised in south-central Los Angeles, I have seen how low income and underserved communities receive healthcare. There is a lack of education with in the public healthcare system and there’s not a lot of access to free resources. The lack of education and resources and interest serves communities result in a higher rate of deadly diseases. Socio economic status plays a major role as well because if you are well-off and more established you can afford better healthcare and to live in more lavish areas which results in a better public health experience. A better system needs to be in place that is not bias or predicated on status of any kind.

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