Self-Determination theory, psychology homework help

Self-Determination theory as it is presented by Deci and Ryan (2008) is broken down into two branches of motivation, controlled and autonomous. Deci and Ryan (2008) describe autonomous motivation as the incentives of one’s own will and determination. Versus their definition of controlled motivation, which is a result from society around a person expecting specific results (Deci and Ryan, 2008)? A good example of this would be potty training, as I am very close to this as a single mother of a 2-year old little girl. My daughter Olivia is two years old and has expressed an extreme interest in the potty. She has been sleeping in her big girl bed for about eight months now. She stays in her bed at night but is able to get up and come into my room as she needs to, which isn’t often. Autonomous motivation for her to use the potty instead of the diaper will be the “Big Girl” act of growing up; the pride of feeling as though she has grown just a bit more independent. The controlled motivation is what mommy expects of her to be able to do upon learning to correctly use the toilet versus messing in her diaper. Either type of motivation is effective, but teamed together, they represent the Self-Determination Theory as Deci and Ryan (2008) are trying to depict.

An altruistic act is an act that is performed in a selfless manner. Altruistic acts that are completed by people for the sole purpose of feeling better about giving back, without an intended “thank you” or “return of kindness” would be deemed intrinsic motivation. Deci and Ryan explain the intrinsic motivation to be “spontaneously satisfying” (2008,p. 15). The extrinsic motivation o the other hand, would be the performance of something for an intended consequence (Deci and Ryan, 2008). A good example of this would reflect the medal at the finish line for a Marathoner, or the diploma at graduation for the Doctoral Candidate. The difference between the two forms of motivation is simply the output of the input given or rather, the consequences of one’s actions.

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