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Special Essay Assignment


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There are two parts to this Special Essay Assignment. You will submit your response using the Discussion Forum so that fellow classmates may read your essay.  Complete Part A by 11:59 pm on Wednesday.  Complete Part B by 11:59 pm Sunday.

Part A

  1. Select a political quote that addresses an issue or idea about American government or politics. You may use one of the examples listed to introduce this assignment if it appeals to you.  You may want to think about a political leader you admire, or a political pundit who seems to get it right in terms of your political perspective.
  2. Your selection is important because you are going to use it as inspiration to persuade others of the truthful sentiment and impact of the quote.
  3. What makes this particular quote significant in American politics?
  4. Write a one page essay (double spaced, 12 point font) and include a Works Cited page that includes appropriate MLA style citations referencing the source of your quote and any other source documentation you choose to support your argument.  You are to use no more than three sources, including the source for the quote.
  5.  Consult How to Write a One Page Essay or Written Response found in the Course Documents menu of Blackboard to help draft your response to this assignment.
  6. Pay special attention to the notes on how to document sources, and how to use quotations and “unwrap” them for you reader.

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